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Public health warning : hepatitis

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Public health warning : hepatitis
I can be almost sure now of the nature of a sore observed on a large scale in our city, especially among the poor and in public transport facilities (healthy cases are rare now): it must be a form of hepatitis. Symptoms are mostly yellowish discoloration of the skin.
There is acute issue of provision of betterments in level of living to threatened populations so that they can face this ( hygien , nutrition...) 
Health services should prevent exacerbation and expansion of the problem by following preventive measures:
1. Physicians in their routine work should consider the risk of harm to their patients :
- They must be careful when prescribing treatments, not to give drugs that may aggravate hepatitis and the patient's general condition. Example: corticosteroids, prescribed for asthma and rheumatism.
- They must be careful when handling medical instruments etc..
- Be careful when taking blood donations.
2. It should be remembered that the treatment of hepatitis may involve a special nutritious diet.
3. A massive vaccination campaign.
4. Vectors:
- It is almost certain that the epidemic focus is the decaying or crumbling areas in many cities that became havens for rats that carry diseases that they transmit to humans (and pets) by the intermediate of parasites, especially fleas .
- Mosquitoes ( in rainy and wet regions , and in grass...) must be eradicated : they sting people and thus carry illness from ill to safe individuals.
5. Citizens and especially children should be warned of the risk of even just rubbing cats or dogs or rabbits etc as they can carry fleas and / or already sick.
6. Typical small mammals in bushy land that may remain in the abandoned fields should also be avoided ( hedgehogs. ..)
7. Zoos also become a risk of contamination ( avided by our vetirinaries that prefer make trainings in the desert or mountains )
8. Consider better management of public places and gatherings.
9. The teacups in the markets, water bottles, etc., used by poor vedors and/or bypassers in common are a source of contamination.
10. We should denigrate any thartical use of health services even in normal times.
We must understand that only a broad call for volunteers especially involving affected populations may be an effective solution.
1 / other symptoms suggesting a possible haematologic disorder are also observed. In this case the source might be more nutritious. The few problems observed are due to life as homeless or complications of other diseases.
2 / there was also many cases with symptoms of VAD ( lack of vitamins :  problem of gums, feet and skin ...) improved or cured with food donations. 
Would that have a connection with the shortage, possibly programmed, in fresh food?

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