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Hi English speaking friends
Happy new 2012 !

Happy Days
All the years
Nice tomorrows
Never sorrows

 ( poetry of me )

 nb: New 2012 and after articles are put above 2008-2011 ones in the menu
I wish you will enjoy this modest site dedicated to help enjoy
internet. You can then use the IntenseDebate commenting box on page bottom to give your comments , or use the simple ( no sign-up ) on-site comment box on the very bottom .

Apart from these English pages, most pages have GOOGLE TRANSLATE on top of them, above animated banner.
 My site deals whith internet and humanity.It is conceivable as a log or a screening of possible unusual developments in modern life, both positive or negative. 
What for?
If we get to know the current human being in the 21st century , we get to two essential goals: -- discover new problems (for example homeless phenomenon impact on public health in crowded areas since especially in the era of public mass services such as cinema, schools, supermarkets, elevators...   )
- detect new tools provided by science to new kinds of evildoers ( for example:  psychanalysis and psy war , and appearance of more than ever strong omnipotent power concentrations in politics and economy).
 The advantage of the site , compared to a little bit similar pages on networking sites like facebook etc, is that a “ .com ” or “ .net ” page is public, quickly accessible without registration. 
You will find different content here . You can search for the content  you need . Use the search box  at the beginning  of this page.
It also shows an index of words, a sitemap , and an advanced search  feature.
 You can use the site also to express yourself in Tunisia. Know  other people, put any kind of ads...
Expressyourself: you can have a profile , just on bottom of menu , in ALMADIAFA section !
Put ads etc , in form of email to me or as comments under pages , or page of " annonces...".
The English section  is still under construction.
I'll try to make it very known among all kinds of communities so that you can meet a lot of people here. Any suggestions are welcome

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