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Associative jokes


One day a journalist went to a restaurant and told the guy:

* You have 1000 cookies?
** No sir

the day after
* You have cookies?
** Nooo

The scene was repeated for one week.
Then one Monday the restaurant owner said: I will let my clients apart and make those thousand cookies to win a handsome sum for once!
and he began his work at 4 o'clock in the morning and all was ready at 8.30

At  9 am, the reporter checked in.

* Can you sir prepare 1000 cookies in one day?
** here you are, they’re ready watch all the nice delicious cookies.

The reporter pulls a notepad like pad ( his checkbook, thought the man) and a pen and said:
* And why does the food  industry community in this county make cookies on Mondays in  such great nummmmmmmbers?













A JOKE: the lawyer psychoanalyst

A lawyer psychoanalysing, affiliated with the Society of Wellness And better tomorrow
J, was concerned about an individual case of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Before the court session, during the plea and before an audience of 200 citizens (who were there from the near stadium, frustrated by the postponement of the football match), he shoutes his fury against the instigator and decrees:
"I ask His Excellency the judge the heaviest sentence for this friend of my childhood who lives two feet far from my house located near the location of this honorable court, as there was in him a poor neighbor!"

The session adjourned, the following dialogue took place between the lawyer and his poor neighbour !

* The culprit:
hey! You plead or you reveal my secrets? You have your conviction. Why you disclose my address? You want to warn my wife?

** Lawyer:
But no. I want to state the facts and rehabilitate the victim. If you think I ruined your reputation, then you are subject to a syndrome known as autosuggestion in psychology!







The more respectable public servant







Who is more respectable for being the more sought: a politician who serves his constituents? Or a politician who also must serve the potentates who fatten him?  J







Associative JOKE

In an internal survey for experts in technical communication :-)y Peer in an association to fight against the epidemic, you find this question:

What maximum number of years should be dedicated to study a request for assistance to persons in danger? (4 possibilities. Selecting multiple response possible)

• 10?

• 5?

• 1?

• Remove the question from the agenda?









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