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About this Site


This is first a view of my initial www.ho-net.net site, now closed for privacy and financing:
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1 / On page SEARCH SITE: search engine to fetch data on the web site or on the net; and with the possibility of refining the search; and index of the site containing all the words listed alphabetically (French and Arabic) so you can look up the word and texts explaining or containing it.
2 / At home  page: function warning (information) by email of updates on the site. Put  your address and get information. 3 / explanation of technical terms or glossary
       The year 2008 marks the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
      On this occasion we wanted to create a site that fits in the spirit of this anniversary: vulgarization: spreading both the culture of human rights and culture of the Internet.
      For unlike some, who say that the UDHR is 60 years old when these violations are born every day, it is clear that if all citizens of this world read the text of the UDHR, adopted by the peoples of the world whole, there will be no one person who transfers those rights and there will be no one who dares to oppress and trample the freedoms of others.
      It goes without saying that participation of the internet community should have followed the steps and to highlight the importance of its part in improving the human condition

       In a world where inequality and violence are increasing, the man needs more than ever to be promoted and protected. This protection is a collective enterprise that is that the entire international community.
      By its actions in real-time Internet acquires the necessary legitimacy.
      In its scope it becomes preventive tool of choice.
But in reality it is therefore always on the internet?
Several sites even those so-called non-profit sites or opinion or testimonials or blogs etc., provide opportunities for contacts limited by the format files transmitted or specialization of the site ... sometimes opportunities are lacking to show serious abuse .
A center of intere st  in this site is to monitor this aspect and / or remedy to  it. Wherever possible, modestly of course.
So spread the word. This site needs  a 'surface' advertising ground to become good cyber-community.
THANK YOU for  joining   our cybernatorium.

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