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General local and global issues: to what extent it is so acute the need to discuss

 It's 2012! Happy New Year!  Who will say that indifference, injustice and ignorance have re-forwarded man to  social and political middle ages ? and who will admit that the episode will be rebroadcast if we do not understand that these are the forgotten and the victims ( citizens ! )  that must be the objective and the subject of their promotion ?


General local and global issues: to what extent it is so acute the need to discuss  and inform about them ?

I put down this article to point out to concerns not usually taken into consideration ( or may be are distorted nowadays ). These can be kind of starting points for the discussions and activities even on other topics. Of course such discussion will come through daily life as we will have to deal, face them, or help or express ideas on how to resolve such problems.

The most important issue in our world that is also a major constituent of our modernity, is basic human rights or: respect for the human person. 
But we shouldn't get in error: apart from what is usually known, such as violations and oppressions, there can be on one hand neglects and malpractices ( criminal neglect ). On the second hand there can be non-access to basic human rights due to neediness ( health, housing...) or illiteracy ( job, vote...). Furthermore, focus is not done the same for personal and cultural rights as for political ones ( considered even sometimes in a narrow point of view ).

As for the countries, and our whole planet, a big concern is wealth management: shouldn't be considered as a basic human right, the necessity of a safe environment, I mean: cleanliness of nature, conservation of ecosystems balance, protection of either renewable and non renewable resources !? 
Another concern that is mostly an observation: there is a big difference between talking about problems and doing one's best to help resolve them. It is on the field commitment, when possible, that shows who lover really our planet.   
And the last big question is: does the most powerful powers of our societies, government and media, have word of these concerns and issues?


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