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Precisions about homeless phenomenon

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Published 6 march 2012
written 25/11/2010 at 10.30

 A precision is required so that the discussion of the problem of homeless (and other socially excluded) does not seem like what life is sometimes: a picture of fatigue and distress that suggests to listeners ‘ the speaker is just sad or exaggerating’

 The homeless phenomenon leads us to deal with 6 issues:

 *The distress of those people who do not have access to safe food, drinkable water, shelter and hygiene. These cause skin and digestive infections. Outdoor life without enough warm clothing causes respiratory illnesses.  Prolonged illness without treatment can cause epidemics and selection of resistant microbes.

Untreated chronic diseases can cause in addition apparent disturbed behaviour which may be thought to be mental disorder.

Distress and prolonged pain can lead to real mental disorder.

So we must not save the homeless ?

 *The indifference of most social parties to this distress. They say not specialized , or even dealing with higher concerns.

So must we not  ensure this indifference is over especially in associations ?

 * We know that in the past plague and other epidemics started in poor populations.

Dangerous diseases in late 20th century (like smallpox etc ) were eradicated when wide vaccination campaigns took place, and poor people benefited from them.

So, for government, it is CHEAPER to provide for the health of the homeless than to treat an epidemic outbreak ?

 * Those homeless people, because of neediness may become bad tools in the hands of potents, enrolled as thieves, killers etc. Or even to transmit their illnesses to others.

 So we must we not  prevent this ?

 *If there is one third of population who are needy (one tenth of them are homeless), and another third businessmen ( most of them multidisciplinary ) it remains only one third of consumers , which is not enough to maintain a flourishing economy.

 * In addition: the impact of this distress coupled with indifference.

Impact on the morale of adults.

Ordinary people think: this is the fate of those who are not obedient and desirable in society; they rot and no one is watching.

Impact on the education of young people growing up seeing that one can be a good citizen and remain indifferent.

Impact on the potentates who thus govern by fear generated through the distress and the indifference towards it.

 So ? Secondary issue ?

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